A series of photographs describing the 1:1 mock-ups and prototyping completed out as part of the detailed design development.

This process has been critical in testing and resolving the system of components that form each of the chambers.

Working with Tandem Set & Scenery, we have been exploring various ways of preparing the steel frame to allow it to be rapidly constructed and deconstructed for production purposes. This has involved testing different methods of bolting and clamping the sections together and identifying suitable hinges for the corners to the chambers.

In parallel with resolving the design of the structure, we have also been reviewing samples for the finishes. We have worked with Tandem to identify robust materials to fabricate the pivoting doors and panels. These are designed to create an acoustically absorbent, felt lined interior and a flush, hard wearing timber lined finish on the exterior. It has been an involved process, testing a variety of timbers and different coloured stains whilst simultaneously experimenting with solutions for fabricating the undulating substrate to the felt which has been one of the greatest challenges in terms of ensuring adequate acoustic performance.

The same felt used to line the interior of the panels will be fixed to the reveal of the doors to create a recessed seal around all of the moving parts, helping reduce the extent of the sound transmission when the doors are all closed.

At high level in the chambers, we have been exploring different methods of integrating the 'invisible' Mobius-7 speakers from Amina Technologies, testing the height at which these perform best. We have also been reviewing options for the reflective 'skylight', testing different metal and acrylic laminate finishes and the translucent polycarbonate panels intended to diffuse the external lighting that will gently illuminate the interiors.

1401 - Mock-up in workshop