As another branch of the project, Aldeburgh Music asked me to write a piece that grows out of Permutations but can be performed by Tamsin as part of a solo recital. For this I wrote Likeness, for live solo violin and five recorded parts.

Likeness uses the musical characters and material developed in Permutations, while playing with the relationship between the immediacy and vibrancy of live performance and its recorded counterpart. The recorded parts are spatially distributed around the venue - in this case the Britten Studio at Snape - so that the audience is surrounded by the 6 parts but facing the live part. This accentuated the dialogue between the music and its acoustic setting as well as between the parts themselves.

As part of the programme, we gave a pre-concert talk in the Britten Studio in which we traced our creative process and relationships throughout the project. Since this collaboration is critical to the project, we found this a particularly rewarding experience, having received a positive and engaged response from our audience.