Using the some of the material I had written for Permutations, I wrote Tamsin a solo violin piece. Approaching this work, I attempted to create a sense of simultaneity of different musical materials through a process of juxtaposition. I began by adapting several of the different characters Permutations into solo material, and expanding on them in this capacity. When we were in Nikola Lenivets I had recorded myself in various acoustics improvising around the melody of my first solo violin sketch, written to experiment with in Eaton Square church originally. I went back to these recordings and chose various fragments from my improvisations to notate. I then treated them as the centre of the work, while the other characters formed a cumulative collage of material leading the listener away from the melodic line gradually. I imagined each of the characters as different interweaving pathways around a central thread, that would eventually fall away to reveal, or unveil the melody in its original form.