Prototyping in Snape


Our first major amount of time spent on residency at Snape, we spent a full week building and testing a prototype part-mock-up of a single chamber. We approached the week in the spirit of 'playing it by ear', testing construction details, materials in conjunction with the music.

With a short period of time we wanted to approach the prototype as a rough and ready version of the proposal that could embody the range of ideas we had been drawing and modelling over the last couple of months. However, we also wanted to use the process of building the prototype to allow us to further explore different aspects of the proposal including a strategy for its prefabrication and different ways we might detail the piece.

Upon arrival in Snape we were offered a derelict brick building, which would serve as our workspace for the majority of the week. We began by building a simple studwork frame, which we would later bring into the Jerwood Kiln to clad and test. The main difficulty we confronted was how to make this work as a prefabricated system with components that were relatively easy to transport and store.