Modelling Permutations in the Kiln


Using the 1:20 model of the existing Kiln, we undertook a series of sketch maquettes testing different configurations for the chambers in the space. 

The model was particularly useful for helping us study the spatial sequence from the perspective of the audience, enabling us to make more informed decisions about the scale and hierarchy of the proposed rooms. We began to once again look at the idea of manipulating the audience’s visual perception of the scale of space, this time introducing mirrored surfaces as a way to distort the appearance of the intervention and how it relates to its surrogate setting.

With the further characterisation of the individual chambers, we became increasingly interested in how they might establish a much more intimate setting for listerning, akin to that of a domestic interior.  We looked at range of precedents, including this remarkably lavish and decadent interior that Adolf Loos created for his wife Lina.